Lesson 1: Feeling Scared and Alone

You are a brave person. You have left the security of family and friends and a familiar environment to go to college. While it’s easier for some than it is for others, leaving home to go to school requires a lot of courage. And yet, behind the brave face, there are times when you don’t feel all that sure of yourself, right?

Even the most confident and secure people in the world occasionally enter into situations where they feel a little afraid or unsure of themselves. For most of us, it happens a lot.

All of us are fearful of the unknown. Even professional football players go into games a little scared (they call it “pre-game jitters”) because they don’t know what’s going to happen over the course of the game. They might get embarrassed by an opponent, or they might get injured. Most won’t admit it, but all of them (if they’ve got an IQ higher than a box of rocks) feel nervous before the kickoff of the game.

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