Lesson 10: Stretching Your Boundaries

 You can feel really good about yourself. You are smart enough to pass the entrance requirements and enter college. You’re handling the responsibility of making decisions for yourself.  You are part of one of the most compassionate, service-oriented generations ever to walk the face of this planet. It’s been a long while since a group of young people—as a whole—have shown as much interest in fairness and justice for the weak and the poor. You and your peers are showing the early signs of being a “difference-making” generation.

So, with so much going for you, you ought to be able to just stay on the same track that you’re on now and that’s be plenty good enough, right? Guess again. There is no such thing as stasis (that’s a fancy word for “staying the same). You’re either going to be growing or declining.  And a person your age (and with your potential) ought to be growing like crazy—pushing boundaries and stretching yourself.

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