Lesson 12: Celebrating Your Uniqueness

It is important that you realize how special you are. You are a unique creation. The universe has never seen anything (or anyone) just like you and never will again. While you make mistakes and are imperfect, you are a person of tremendous worth. And the reason why it’s important for you to realize all this is because you’ll treat yourself and the world around you much better if you know what a valuable person you are.

All of the world’s great religions have some version of this moral law, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” When we invert this statement, we discover is that it’s impossible to love a neighbor unless we first love ourselves. I’m not talking about an arrogant sort of self-love where people run around bragging on themselves and acting better than everybody else. Conceited, egotistical behavior is actually a cover for feelings of low self-esteem. I’m talking about valuing yourself as a special, unique, one-of-a-kind human being who deserves to be respected  for who you are rather than for what you do.  Only when you see yourself as being worthy of being loved and appreciated will you be able to love and appreciate others.

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