Lesson 2: Handling your new Freedom

Very likely, this college experience may be your first time to be truly on your own. It can be a fantastic experience for you—a time to call your own shots and to be your own person. However, like all new experiences, it can be a little nerve-racking. What if you make some mistakes in judgment or don’t do as well on your own (at least at first) as you had hoped?

Well, let me take the pressure off of you. You are going to make some mistakes, and it’s okay. In fact, making mistakes is part of being human. The trick is to try and think through some of the challenges that lie ahead of you so that you can keep your mistakes to a minimum as you forge ahead into the world of young adulthood.

We need to talk about freedom. You are now free to make your own decisions about issues such as school, friends, sex, drugs and alcohol, and how you spend your money. We’ll be talking about some of those things later on (in other Lessons). But, right now, let’s talk about the responsibility that always comes with freedom.

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