Lesson 6: Being Around Difficult People

Depending on our mood and the circumstances, all of us can be “difficult” to be around at times. Usually our moods are short-lived, and the same is true of those around us. So, we forgive each other’s occasional “fits” and move on.

Every once in a while, you’ll come across a person with whom, a majority of the time, you do not get along. It makes it even tougher if you are a “pleaser”—one of those persons who tries really hard to please others and who wants everyone to like you. You’ll probably worry about what you’ve done to mess up the relationship—or what you can do to make things better. Let me tell you something. One of the healthiest things that can happen to you is for you to realize that you can’t please everybody. Getting everyone to like you is like trying to catch raindrops—even if you’ve got a 30-gallon barrel, you can’t catch them all. So, quit blaming yourself for something that you can’t control. If you’ve tried your best to be a friend to someone who doesn’t seem to like or appreciate you, don’t torment yourself trying to fix the relationship. While being cordial, it’s usually best simply to avoid that person whenever possible.

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