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This Course includes 4 lessons

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These courses meet the requirements for parent education
in all counties in the State of Texas

This course meets the state requirements and curriculum standards for parent education. It enables separating and divorced parents to become familiar with new research that shows the vital connection between giving unconditional love and a child’s sense of high self-esteem. It also provides skills and techniques for parents to provide the unconditional love and nurture that helps ease children through the trauma of divorce.

The lessons include:

Topic 1: The Cultural Implications of Divorce

More prevalent than teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, or the death of a parent, divorce is the most common problem facing kids today. Divorce has become a major change factor…

Topic 2: The Effects of Divorce on Children

While strong evidence exists that most children of divorce go on to have happy lives, they are more than twice as likely to be troubled while growing up. The trauma…

Topic 3: The Dynamic New Concept of ARKparenting

ARKparenting is based upon the new, groundbreaking research that calls for parents to provide the unconditional love that is the key element in building their children’s self-esteem…

Topic 4: Utilizing ARKparenting Skills

Eight basic ARKparenting principles allow divorced parents to ease the transition and minimize the damaging effects of divorce on children…