Lesson 1: Understanding the Nature of Unconditional Love

Each and every one of us wants to live life well. We’d like to think we’ve left this world a better place because of our having lived in it. Teachers, in particular, have the opportunity to leave an invaluable legacy. We can make a huge, positive difference for good in the lives of young people.

In order to make that difference, one of the first things we must do is to establish an emotional climate for teaching. The key element is a caring relationship between the student and the teacher. You can be the world’s greatest expert on a given subject–math, English, history, geography, or whatever–but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be a great teacher. Kids are much more likely to listen to you and absorb what you have to teach if they feel like you care about them. Great teachers are intentional about creating a nurturing classroom environment where optimal learning can take place. And the best tool for creating such an environment is unconditional love.

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