Lesson 5: Involving Parents

No matter how capable the teacher, the vast majority of students will experience difficulty in school without parental support and encouragement. A primary goal of successful teachers is to try to secure parental involvement in their children’s academic careers. It is probably a teacher’s most difficult task.

There are a variety of reasons why parents often are not involved in assuring their children’s success in school. Some of the reasons are expressed verbally, “My kid’s success at school is the responsibility of the teachers!” “I work two jobs. I don’t have time to be involved in my child’s schooling.” Other reasons are unspoken. Some parents didn’t have good experiences themselves when they were in school, and they feel inferior and intimidated by the thought of venturing foot on their child’s campus. Other parents do not feel welcome at their child’s school; they view it as a place where they will be greeted with hostility by teachers who “don’t want us parents meddling in school affairs.” Language problems pose real barriers for many parents. And some parents, for reasons such as illness, drug or alcohol problems, or job stress simply do not seem to care about their child’s education.

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