Lesson 6: Maximizing the Parent/Teacher Conference

Let parents know that you both invite and welcome them to initiate a conference with you. Communicate to your parents that you would like to get to know them so as to have a better understanding of their child and their expectations concerning the child’s educational future.

For many parents, their venture to the school on their child’s behalf will be prompted by some “problem” they want to discuss with the teacher. There is a likelihood that some will bring an angry mindset to the discussion. This anger will probably be motivated by one of two reasons. The most likely one is that the child is doing poorly in your class and is trying to shift the blame to you. “My teacher doesn’t like me. She doesn’t explain things clearly. Her tests are too hard, and everybody flunks them.” Most parents see through the excuses, but some will come storming into your room demanding fair treatment for their child.

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