Lesson 11: Trust Me!

“Why don’t you trust me?” We’ve all said this before, right? But have you learned yet that trust isn’t just a given? When you were born, it wasn’t written on your birth certificate that your parents should trust you. It isn’t that simple. Trust must be earned.

Even with friends, trust is built. You start out in a new friendship by “testing the waters.” You share a small secret (that you didn’t get your report finished so you stayed home “sick”), and once your new friend proves that he/she can be trusted not to tell, it’s easier to trust with a larger, more important secret (such as your latest crush). It works the same way with parents; if you tell them you will do something and you follow through with it (for instance, calling in to say you’ll be ten minutes late), they know they can trust you for bigger things (like letting you take the car to a concert).

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