Lesson 2: Are You a Stressed-Out-Mess?

Stress is that horrible feeling you get when you are experiencing too much pressure. You might be feeling it from either the outside–like school, work, after-school activities, family, or friends–or from inside–trying to do well in school, trying to be popular, or trying to make the team. Stress hits everyone from time to time, not just you and not just teenagers. It’s a perfectly normal reaction to life.

In all fairness, stress isn’t always bad. To do well at things (schoolwork, sports, dance, music, jobs), we sometimes need to feel the pressure of competition. Without the stress that deadlines give us, most of us wouldn’t push ourselves to do well or get things done on time. Often, however, stress seems to sneak up on us, overpowering us and rendering us weak against its pressure.

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