Lesson 3: Change for a Healthier You

At the McDonald’s drive-through speaker, you order a super-sized Big Mac Combo Meal. Then, while you wait, you flip restlessly through the latest issue of Teen People and wistfully dream of having the hot swimsuit figure or physique that dominates the full- page ad. Sound familiar? But wait. Isn’t something askew here? Sad but true, today’s fast-food lifestyle and supermodel beauty don’t jive. You may have to CHANGE if you want to be and look healthier.

Varsity cheerleader Savanah is worried about going to college next year. The studying and the social challenges are not her concern–weight gain is. “I’ve heard about the Freshman 15!” she frets. Her best friend, Laci, tries to reassure her, “Maybe you’ll actually LOSE weight since you’ll be able to decide for yourself what to eat at every single meal. Our eating habits will be totally under OUR control.” The girls realize, however, that already, their eating habits have altered during their teenage years.

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