BakerRipley Partners with The ARKGroup to Help Families 

HOUSTON – BakerRipley is partnering with The ARKGroup to offer free, online parenting classes to families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The course, ARK for Parents and Caregivers, received the “Texas Governor’s Award for

Excellence in Programming” and provides practical, easy-to-apply parenting skills that can be especially helpful during this period and beyond. The classes are available in English and Spanish.

“These cost-free classes are a critical resource for BakerRipley Neighbors and the community at- large in the face of this pandemic,” Bolivar Fraga, BakerRipley Senior Community Engagement Developer, said. “We know COVID-19 has added significant stress to family life, and we work daily to identify the most effective ways to meet the needs of those we serve. This partnership with the ARKGroup speaks to the importance of collaboration to maximize efforts for those who need it most.”

The research-based ARK for Parents and Caregivers program helps parents examine the parenting behaviors they received from their own parents—rejecting those behaviors that were punitive or abusive and embracing those behaviors that provided caring discipline and unconditional love. The program helps parents learn how to discipline behavior while still honoring the personhood of their child.

“Providing good parenting skills and bringing adults and children together within the context of a loving, disciplined family are shared goals of our two organizations,” Dr. Glenn Wilkerson, President of the ARKGroup, said. “The ARKGroup is delighted to be a member of the galaxy of organizations that team up with BakerRipley to enrich the lives of families.”

About BakerRipley 

BakerRipley brings resources, education, and connection to more than half a million people throughout Texas each year. For more than a century, BakerRipley has offered innovative solutions to help low-income families in emerging neighborhoods get a foothold in the region’s economy. BakerRipley is a United Way Agency. #BakerRipley

About The ARKGroup

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, ARK’s goal is to build stronger families, schools, and communities – starting with the most important adults in every child’s life. The ARK curriculum includes specialized training for a variety of groups and family structures, providing tools that can be applied at home, in the classroom, at the workplace, and beyond.

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