What is SEL? Why is Social Emotional Learning For Students Important?

Social emotional learning (SEL) is a popular buzz word today amongst parents, schools, and mental health experts, and with good reason. The premise behind it is that this type of learning allows children to get better control of their emotions so that they can then be free to actively learnRead more

Parenting and Discipline: Natural and Logical Consequences

Take a few minutes to think about the last time your child made a bad choice or engaged in irresponsible behavior. Do you remember your response to your child? As a parent, seeing our children make bad choices and engage in irresponsible behavior can make us feel a variety ofRead more

Baker Ripley and Ark Help Families

BakerRipley Partners with The ARKGroup to Help Families  HOUSTON - BakerRipley is partnering with The ARKGroup to offer free, online parenting classes to families during the COVID-19 pandemic. The course, ARK for Parents and Caregivers, received the “Texas Governor’s Award for Excellence in Programming” and provides practical, easy-to-apply parenting skillsRead more

10 Ways to Help Kids Manage Their Emotions

We’ve all seen it. A child screaming in the store because their father won’t buy them a toy. A brother getting angry and hitting his sibling. A student giving up out of frustration. Or even, a little girl crying uncontrollably because her mother has told her it’s time to leaveRead more

6 Practical Ways to Show Unconditional Love to Kids

Parenting is all about relationships. And really good parents realize that having great relationships with their kids doesn’t just happen by accident. Those relationships are created by commitment, hard work, and unconditional love. Since most parents do love their children, it sounds like this should be easy, right? Well, mostRead more