What to Expect with Child Custody and Divorce: A Guide For Parents

An increasing number of couples are making the difficult decision to end their marriage, but many are not sure what to expect with child custody and divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is typically a highly stressful and emotional process that can become even more so when it involves childrenRead more

What to Expect from An Online Co-Parenting Class for Divorcing Parents

Divorce is a reality for many Americans each year, and those couples that have children may be wondering what to expect from an online co-parenting class for divorcing parents. This is something that a court may require if you have children, and knowing what to expect from a co-parenting classRead more

Why Parent Involvement Is Essential to A Successful Campus Improvement Plan

The comparison between a year with parent involvement in education and one without speaks volumes about why parent involvement is essential to a successful campus improvement plan. It is more than just a box to check off to say a certain number of parents attended a meeting or served atRead more

What Is the History of Texas’ Campus Improvement Plan?

It is estimated that there are well over twelve hundred school districts and five million enrolled students in the state of Texas, and that number continues to grow each year. The Texas Education Code mandates that each campus must have Campus Planning and Site-Based Decision Making in place, which isRead more

What Is the PEP Program and How Can Schools Benefit?

Parent engagement in young children’s school careers is considered to be largely on the demise, with an estimated half of parents volunteering or serving on a committee for students from kindergarten through fifth grade, with dramatic drops in that percentage as children enter middle and high school. The ARKGroup’s ParentRead more

The Importance of Separating the Child from the Behavior & Unconditional Love

The most important thing in giving unconditional love to our children, is remembering to “separate the person from the behavior.” This means saying to a child, “When you misbehave, trust me, there will be consequences. However, you are my kid, and I love you. And I want you to knowRead more

Parenting 101: Helping Your Child to Succeed at School

Teachers are the cornerstone of the schooling experience. They are with our children five days a week, providing them with a first-rate education. However, despite their primary role in a child’s education, recent studies show that those in a parent role may have an even greater impact on younger children’sRead more

COVID Restrictions Lifted from Texas Daycares: What You Need to Know

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how many of us live our day to day lives, but some of the biggest impacts have been felt by the youngest in age and those that care for them at childcare facilities. It was recently announced that emergency COVID restrictions are being lifted fromRead more

What is SEL? Why is Social Emotional Learning For Students Important?

Social emotional learning (SEL) is a popular buzz word today amongst parents, schools, and mental health experts, and with good reason. The premise behind it is that this type of learning allows children to get better control of their emotions so that they can then be free to actively learnRead more