Growing the Christmas Spirit

Growing the Christmas Spirit               One of the truly good things about Christmas is the spirit of hope and joy the season brings. The pleasure of watching children take delight in the colorful lights and the opening of gifts brings a smile. And, observing the wonder in a child’s

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Parenting and Discipline: Natural and Logical Consequences

Take a few minutes to think about the last time your child made a bad choice or engaged in irresponsible behavior. Do you remember your response to your child? As a parent, seeing our children make bad choices and engage in irresponsible behavior can make us feel a variety ofRead more

6 Practical Ways to Show Unconditional Love to Kids

Parenting is all about relationships. And really good parents realize that having great relationships with their kids doesn’t just happen by accident. Those relationships are created by commitment, hard work, and unconditional love. Since most parents do love their children, it sounds like this should be easy, right? Well, mostRead more

The Root Cause of School Violence: Emotional Illness

Many of the news channels today have been focused on the latest school shooting. Two students were killed when a fifteen-year-old student opened fire on his classmates at Santa Clarita High School in Santa Clarita, California. The images on the screen seem surreal. Yet, they are all too believable. OnceRead more