Growing the Christmas Spirit


            One of the truly good things about Christmas is the spirit of hope and joy the season brings. The pleasure of watching children take delight in the colorful lights and the opening of gifts brings a smile. And, observing the wonder in a child’s face, as she tries to assimilate the sight of animals and shepherds and kings jostling for position to see  Baby Jesus, opens our hearts to the deeper meanings of the season.

            The spiritual lift that accompanies our annual recognition of God’s unconditional love manifesting itself in the form of a Child…will it subside with the passing of the season? Or, will we make the conscious decision to incorporate the Christmas Spirit into our daily lives as a source of continuing joy? How do we do so? How can we nurture and grow the spiritual part of ourselves through which we will find our true meaning, purpose, and joy?

Spiritual journeys do not just happen. They require an intentional decision to begin. Be content to take small steps each day. Pace yourself so that it is satisfying and enjoyable. You will be surprised at the inner peace you will experience after just 30 days.

Here are four suggestions that, if observed as daily habits, will launch your spiritual journey:

  1. Set aside ten minutes a day for being still and thanking God for your blessings. It’s a good way to start a prayer life.
  2. Take a Bible, and each day read one chapter of the Book of Luke. Luke is a great story-teller, and he makes for interesting reading.
  3. Take a ten minute walk a day in nature. Allow yourself to enjoy the marvel of God’s creation.
  4. Intentionally do a good thing for someone else every day. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Just a kind word or act that graces the life of another person.

The YMCA has a motto: Sound mind, sound body, and sound spirit. If we are weak in one of those areas, it has a detrimental impact on the other two. It is important that we nurture each area of our being if we are to live joy-filled, productive lives. Spiritual growth is an essential part of overall health. Take the Christmas spirit, nurture it within you, and allow it to grow each day so that the season is celebrated throughout the coming year.

Glenn Wilkerson

December 22, 2020

Dr G

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