Parent Enrichment Classes
Online and on-campus
The Parent Engagement Program (PEP)

The Parent Engagement Program (PEP)
Online And On Campus Programs that empower parents to empower students

The ARKGroup is excited to present its Parent Engagement Program (PEP), a new concept in schools’ parent-enrichment programming. PEP is a research-based and evidence-based online program that provides positive parenting strategies to parents and caregivers. Children raised in emotionally healthy homes will have a dramatic impact upon the quality of the experience at school. PEP is compatible with and supplements, CPE training for teachers. Our state-approved program helps school districts meet their Campus Improvement Plan requirements while helping build better relationships at home and school.

PEP was developed by the Children’s Center for Self-Esteem, Inc. (dba The ARKGroup), a 501(c)(3) agency whose mission is to elevate the self-esteem of children and students.

Benefits of The ARKGroup’s PEP Program

PEP Benefits at School

Creates better attendance

Elevates test scores

Improves classroom behavior

Reduces school violence

PEP Benefits at Home

Produces positive changes in parents

Improves parent-child relationships

Encourages parental promotion of school success

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Success Requires Strong Support at the Top!

It is essential to PEP’s success that summit leadership provide strong “PEP Talks.” Parents will enroll in a school’s parenting program only if the top people at the district and campus level enthusiastically promote the program. When the Parent Engagement Program receives the whole-hearted, on-going support of the District Superintendent and Principals, the result will be improved parent-student relationships which, in turn, will help promote student success.

Remember, strong PEP Talks must start with leadership at the top!

PEP’s Curriculum

  • The highly-acclaimed ARK for Parents and Caregivers Self-Study
    Recipient of the “Texas Governor’s Award for Program Excellence.”
  • Seven  State-Approved  Lessons Plus a Certificate of Completion
    Each highly developed and engaging lesson has an accompanying quiz, message board, and journal––as well as a state-approved certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Easy District-Wide Two-Step Implementation

  1. The ARKGroup provides the District with publicity materials, information sheets, and an access code for each school to share with its parents.
  2. Parents proceed through the seven award-winning, online lessons at their convenience and at their own pace.

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