Parent Engagement Program (PEP)
Online classes
For Parents

What You'll Get

  • Innovative program designed for parents
  • Online curriculum that meets state-mandated guidelines
  • Flexible Self-Study Programming for maximized participation
  • Implementation and support materials provided
  • Dedicated help desk and online support

PEP Benefits at School

  • Creates better attendance
  • Elevates test scores
  • Improves classroom behavior
  • Reduces school violence

PEP Benefits at Home

  • Produces positive changes in parenting behaviors
  • Improves parent-child relationships

PEP Success Starts at the Top

It is essential to PEP’s success that summit leadership provide strong “PEP Talks.” Parents will enroll in a school’s parenting program only if the top people at the district and campus level enthusiastically promote the program. When the Parent Engagement Program receives the whole-hearted, on-going support of the District will promote student success.

Remember, strong PEP Talks must start with leadership at the top!