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A Small-Group Process for Enhancing Teacher-Student Relationships 
For School Administrators

The ARK for Teacher-Student Relationships Program employs a small-group process that engages all the teachers at the school. The program builds teachers’ capacity for creating nurturing classroom environments and caring relationships with students. These positive, productive relationships—characterized by unconditional regard and care—are essential contributors to students’ emotional health and the creation of a culture-friendly campus.

The Principal at each school selects positive, influential staff members (teachers, counselors, coaches, community liaisons) to be trained by the ARKGroup as Facilitators who will lead ARK for Teacher-Student Relationships groups at their school.  The ratio is one Facilitator per 15 teachers. For example, a school with a staff of 60 teachers would have four groups and would need a minimum of four Facilitators. The four groups meet for one hour twice a month over a period of six months.

ARK for Teacher-Student Relationships provides teachers with an opportunity to peer-mentor and problem-solve in a confidential, small-group environment. The interaction of the teachers provides a team-building component that elevates the social-emotional climate of the entire campus.

Each participating teacher receives 10 CPEs at the conclusion of the program.

The cost is $4,000 per school.

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