The Texas Education Code requires every public school to “provide for a program to encourage parental involvement on the campus.” The Parent Pride Club format brings parents to your school.

Two Programs in One!

The Parent Pride Club is actually two programs in one: a parent-incentive piece, and a research-based, award-winning (Texas Governor’s award) parenting curriculum.

  1. Parent Pride parent-incentives

The ARKGroup provides training for campus personnel (counselors, teachers, or strong parents) on how to incentivize parents to come to the school for parenting classes. Food, snacks, drawings, flyers, signboards, etc. can be elements in the process of encouraging parent participation.

  1. Parent Pride curriculum

To implement the program on-campus, school leaders receive 8 hours of training and materials on how to put the curriculum in effect. Then, parents view video lessons and have an opportunity to peer-mentor and problem-solve in a confidential, small-group setting. Each parent group meets for 60 minutes, once a week, over a period of eight weeks.

The Parent Pride Club offers transformational opportunities for parents.

The cost is $3,000 per school.

For information and/or to purchase, contact